Are There Interesting Things to Do in Dubai Other Than Shopping and Clubbing?

The answer to this pervious question is yes of course! There are plenty of activities that tourists who spend their vacations in Dubai would surely enjoy. Although Dubai does not have a rich history like other cities in the region like Cairo, Rabat, Baghdad, and Damascus, the city has lately turned into a notable cultural and entertainment hub.

One of the relatively new attractions of the city is Opera Dubai, the latest astonishing contribution to the cultural activities of Dubai. Established in 2016, the new Opera of Dubai accommodates more than 2000 spectators. Featured with international opera, theatre, ballet, classical music, and many more shows, the opera would be quite interesting to visit while spending a holiday in Dubai.

For vacationers that spend their vacations in Dubai who are fond of architecture and history, Al Bastakiya Neighborhood would be their perfect destination. This neighborhood is among the oldest in the city and where all this new civilization was born.

Restored at the end of the 19th century, the original inhabitants of Al Bastakiya came from Persia during the 18th century and resided in this area. They mingled with the Arabs and formed their own district and community in Dubai. This is why the architecture of the neighborhood is a unique blend of Arabian and Persian styles and outlines.

Another wonderful place to spend a day trip is the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Founded in 2002, the reserve was established to house some of the rate desert animals and plants that were endangered. Today, the reserve welcomes hundreds of tourists who travel to Dubai.

In 2004, the first group of animals began their stay in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Today, after a long process of development and renovation, the surface area of the reserve reached 225 square kilometers which is around 5% of the total surface area of the city of Dubai.

Travellers who tour Dubai and love nature and beautiful scenery would surely love exploring the Miracle Garden. With more than 45 million roses from 40 types, and a surface area of 72,000 square meters, the garden was named the miracle due to its accurate designs and outlines all made out of roses and flowers. Genes.

The garden was nominated for the Guinness Book of Records when the workers of the garden built the safari desert flowers pyramid with a base that has a surface area of more than 144 square meters. The Miracle Garden is a perfect choice for the family or for any traveler enjoying his holiday in Dubai and would love to indulge himself in beauty and charm.

Who would like to have a ride all over the city of Dubai? I guess every vacationer touring Dubai would love to! Well, among the most amazing rides of the city, there is the Big Bud of Dubai. This double decker bus takes passengers in a ride to view and admire all the highlights of the city.


Arabian Desert Fantasy, Dubai & Cairo

Our Dubai and Cairo journey was a perfect juxtaposition of ultramodern with the ancient.

We came to planet Dubai to be astonished and this 21st century wonder did deliver. Since my visit last year, it has exploded with even more growth. Dubai seeks to become the world’s premier tourist destination. With favorable tax rates, it is now home to worldwide mega corporations. Credit is due to the ruling sheik with his entrepreneurial vision and super tolerance. He’s the opposite of xenophobic.

The 7 emirates are sandwiched between Iran, Qatar, Oman and Saudi. Each tiny kingdom is ruled by an emir or sheik. Once upon a time, Dubai was a sleepy village for pearl diving and camel trading. Today it expands at an astounding rate with 800 miles of new shoreline added from the man made islands. The hundreds of new islands in The Palm and The World are visible from space. This land of sun, sand, sea, snow and sex is a pocket of freedom in Arabia with such titles as; “Las Vegas of the Middle East”, “St. Tropez of the Gulf” and “Monaco of the Desert.”

The dichotomy is found in its Islamic culture within an environment of western affluence forming a safari desert total fusion of East meets West. It was hard to comprehend that there’s a war going on next door in this clean and crime free city state.

We were welcomed with an Arabian dinner cruise onboard a wooden dhow. Our city tour revealed that camels have been replaced by cranes. We saw the new, nearly completed Burj Tower, tallest building in the world along with countless other architectural marvels. (“Burj” means tower in Arabic, thus “Burj Tower” ironically means “Tower Tower”.) We visited the Spice Souks and glittering Gold Market. We toured neighboring Abu Dhabi, capital of the emirates that is actually an island.

We drove along the rich Corniche lined with lush gardens set against the turquoise Persian Gulf. We tasted chocolate dates, visited a fish market and entered the world’s largest mosque. It holds 40,000 worshippers. There the women in our group had to cover head to toe in borrowed black abayahs (sort of a burka.)

One evening was our Desert Safari. Our caravan of 8 jeeps headed deep into the desert for some “dune bashing”. Our driver Ahend careened like a drunken sailor at sea over the steepest dunes. As I screamed, he chatted on his cell phone.

We arrived to a tented camp oasis for dining and dancing under the stars, like the Arabian tale of 1001 Nights. My favorite time was spent on our leisure day with its endless options. The majority of our group went skiing in the morning and swam the crystal clear Gulf beaches in the afternoon. The water was so bath warm, they could have brought soap.

Terry and I began our day at Mall of the Emirates, world’s largest mall with 1563 stores and Ski Dubai. Envision a 25 story mountain of 6 acres under one roof with 5 ski runs and chairlifts. Machines hidden in the ceiling drop 3 inches of snow daily. Winter gear is included in the nominal entrance fee. It was 32 degrees inside and 102 outside.

Later I fulfilled my travel dream of dining at the famed Burj Hotel, the iconic 7 star masterpiece shaped like a sail and set on its own artificial island. It had been closed to tourists for months to give its billionaire guests privacy. We were fortunate now to get a reservation for lunch, albeit at an unheard of 3 figure price. Entering the lobby was like standing inside a kaleidoscope. The restaurants gourmet spread of delectable goodies exceeded my expectation and will never be forgotten. It was Terry’s birthday and at the end of our meal, a work of art cake was discreetly presented to him. The chocolate mousse explosion with figs and berries was layered with thick sheets of Godiva.


Ever Considered Buying Used Car Parts?

Most car owners believe that purchasing new auto parts from the manufacture dealers is best for their cars. They have never given thought to buying used car parts. Yet, the truth is that a majority of car servicing companies, even the manufacture recommended service shops will fix cars using used original equipment manufacturer (OEM). This is because the used auto parts are as genuine as new ones.

Used auto parts are usually removed from write off vehicles. Most of such cars are usually accident cars. However, the damaged ones are always destroyed leaving only the good-as-new ones. In other cases, a car may need a repair for a given section. However, repairing the section may entail removing other parts that are good and fit. They find their way to the second hand market. Therefore, the used car parts are quality genuine originals. Furthermore, most used parts shops will test them before reselling.

There are various reasons why you should consider using used OEMs the next time you need your car repaired in one way or another.

Cost Savings

The main advantage of buying used auto parts is the low costs associated with used car parts. Buying used car parts can reduce your car maintenance costs by about 50%. With the raising fuel costs and economic recession, every saving counts. Since you are not compromising on the car quality or functionality, why not switch to used auto parts.

Warranty on Your Car

The other advantage of using used car parts is that they do not compromise on the warranty of your car. However, using aftermarkets on your car will immediately seize the warranty of your car. Aftermarkets are new parts manufactured by a manufacture besides the original car manufacturer.

High Quality Tested Car Parts

The other main advantage of used auto parts is that since they are tested and approved as being as good as new, they will give you the best service. Since they are removed from a similar car, they blend perfectly with your car. In fact, car service experts observe that used car parts are even much better when used to repair a car since they have already been functional with another car and they are able to fit in much better.

Limitations of Used OEM Car Parts

The major limitations of used OEMs is that at times, you may not find the particular one that you need for your car. Since used auto parts depend on availability of a similar car model with the ones you need, at times, it may take long before spotting the particular one you need. This is especially so with the rarer car models. However, with the advent of the internet, it is now much easier to local second hands for almost all cars. The online used auto dealers are able to source parts from a larger pool from all over the country. This has increased the availability of such parts.

Where to Buy These Used Auto Parts

If you are looking for used car used engines parts, the fastest and easiest way of sourcing them is using online dealers. There are also used OEMs search engines that enable you locate parts from a wide pool of dealers. You will need to have the car model, year of manufacture and the specific name. You can then run a search and locate a dealer with the part. Searching online also enables you identify the lowest price for the second hands. However, as usual, it is important to do your due diligence before committing to an online dealer.